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Scholarship Opportunities

ISV Congress Trainee Award

ISV will be sponsoring a number of ISV Congress Trainee Awards for graduate students and post-doctoral trainees who submit abstracts to present their science at the ISV Congress in Ghent.  After your abstract submission, please notify the ISV Congress Secretariat to indicate your interest in the award at info@isvcongress.org.  In addition, each applicant must include a nomination letter from their research supervisor indicating trainee status. This will serve as confirmation as well as being part of the nomination process. The awards will be presented during a special session at the ISV Congress.

LMIC Award

ISV will offer a number of LMIC awards to assist those attendees coming from Lower and Middle Income Countries. Scientists who want to be considered for one of these awards must notify the ISV Congress Secretariat stating their country and interest at info@isvcongress.org.  The awards will be presented during a special session at the ISV Congress.

Maurice Hilleman Award

This award is given annually to the lead author of the outstanding submitted abstract of the ISV Vaccine Congress. It serves to recognize our colleague, friend and mentor Dr. Maurice Hilleman. Dr. Hilleman was simply the person who developed more vaccines (40) than any other person. 8 of the 14 recommended vaccines currently given to children including measles, mumps, hepatitis A, HBV, chickenpox, meningitis, pneumonia and haemophilus influenzae bacteria were all developed under his guidance. His pioneering work on development of a recombinant HBV vaccine helped to show the importance of the growing field of biotechnology. He played a major role in the discovery of adenoviruses and hepatitis viruses and SV40. It is without question that the work of Maurice has changed the human condition for the better resulting in millions of lives saved and countless suffering averted yearly. Dr. Hilleman was a staunch proponent of DNA technology and one of our fields greatest supporters. We are proud to honor his legacy through providing this award to a worthy scientist for their exceptional work each year.

Richard Ginsberg Award

This award is given annually to the best abstract submission by a trainee at the ISV Vaccine Congress. It serves to recognize and honor our colleague and friend, Dr. Richard Ginsberg. Richard was a major proponent of the DNA vaccine field as well as a proponent for developing new treatments and vaccine technologies for treatment of diseases afflicting the underserved as well as developing world populations. As a clinical director at Roche Pharmaceuticals in the 1980’s and 1990’s he oversaw development of one of the world’s first protease inhibitors for HIV, thus making a major contribution to converting this disease from a death sentence to a treatable condition. His role as CMO at Apollon and later Wyeth in the 1990’s he used to successfully champion the first DNA vaccines into the clinic which establish an unprecedented level of safety for this important platform. Dr. Ginsberg's inclusive nature and delight in his colleagues also served to establish a great deal of the camaraderie within the community that still is of major benefit for researchers in the field. We are proud to honor his legacy and to honor a worthy young scientist each year with this award.